The NAV-TV ZEN-M processor seamlessly converts late model Mercedes factory MOST-150 audio bus to 12-channel analog RCA and TOSLink output. Adding aftermarket amplifiers to the OE NTG5, 5.1, 5.2 or 5.5 system has never been so simple.ย  This module integrates with the OEM M.O.S.T.ยฎ bus to retain volume control, full fade and balance (analog only), treble, mid-range, bass control & Bluetooth voice calls with no external speaker (true OEM integration).

NOTE: OEM radio systems not equipped with an amplifier or fiber must be flashed with NAV-TVโ€™s ZEN-M-PRG (NTV-KIT866, sold separately) prior to installation. Vehicles equipped with an OEM amplifier do not need to be flashed.

NOTE: vehicles with MOST150 over COAXIAL are NOT compatible with the ZEN-M.

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