XCELSUS Magnifico 1



Magnifico 1 is a mono amplifier that can satisfy the most discerning music lover.

The selected components and sound settings are designed by famous ULTIMATE; REFEENCE and TA-2 amplifiers. It guarantees optimum sound quality.

The founder of Xcelsus is a former chief engineer at DLS, bringing his knowledge and experience into this brand, which has already harvested a gerat success across multiple SQ competitions in the USA



Number of channels1
Amplifier classD
Power at 4 Ohm (RMS)450 watts
Power at 2 Ohm (RMS)750 watts
Power at 1 ohm load (RMS)1000 watts (1250 watts  in Peak)
Signal to noise ratio, weighted average92 dB
Attenuation coefficient154
Operating frequency range10-500 Hz
Input impedance, low22000 ohm
Input impedance, high level45 ohm
Input sensitivity1-4 V
High level entranceWith automatic start
Low pass filterwith a slope of 24 dB 30-250 Hz
Bass boost @ 60 Hz0 … + 6 dB
Phase inverter0-180 degrees
Remote Subwoofer Gain ControlYes, with a 5 meter cable
Recommended power cable thickness not less than33 mm2
Recommended sound cable thickness not less than10 mm2
Standby Current Consumption0.6 (0.3) A
Maximum current102 A
Built-in cooling fanYes
External fuse100 A
Internal fuseNot
Supply voltage12 v
dimensions54 x 135 x 348 mm
Weight2.9 kg