BMW S676 Hifi System Upgrade

STEG Package for BMW models from 2020

A Plug&Play setup developed specifically for BMW. It is a quick installation that does not interfere with the stock system, improves sound clarity, sound quality, adds really powerful bass and will allow for the whole system to be tuned up to your taste. It brings the music to life.

STEG is an Italian brand with great speakers and subwoofers, making a huge difference between a stock stereo system and the upgraded setup.

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Package price $3,790



– MATCH UP 7DSP with MEC – PnP DSP amplifier
– STEG BM45C – P’n’P speakers in the front
– STEG BM8 – Drop-in underseat subwoofers
BMW 2020 RAM harness special adapter kit
– All parts supplied and installed
– Custom sound tuning to your preferences
– 7 Day money-back guarantee


From 2020, all BMW models come with a sound system setup that is commonly called as RAM (Radio-Amplifier Module). It means the OEM Amplifier is no longer removable as the head unit will not function without it.

Most BMWs come equipped with the S676 HiFi sound system. It consists of a 4″ component speaker system both in the front and rear doors, two 8″ under-seat subwoofers and a centre speaker in the dashboard. The whole system is powered by a factory amplifier. If you are not sure which version your BMW has, get in touch with us and we will figure it out for you.

Note: In most BMW 1 and 2 series, the Harman Kardon version is built on the S676 Hifi system base as well.


The BMW models from 2020 up, whether they have the basic or the S676 Hifi speaker system, are no longer upgradeable in a conventional way with the P’n’P MATCH UP 7BMW.

Fortunately, we have a great solution available for these sound systems and the best part is, it still all remains Plug and Play! We will keep your OEM amplifier in place, add a 7 channel MATCH amplifier to the system and connect it all with a special harness. This way we will be able to amplify and tune-up all 7 channels in your BMW vehicle. That is both the front and rear channels, the 2 underseat subwoofers and the centre channel. Which is exactly what we did on this brand new BMW X7 2020. Additionally, we are able to add a dedicated boot subwoofer and feed the signal to it from the installed MATCH amp.

The STEG package combines great German technology with high detail Italian sound quality.

We will replace all front speakers (4 drivers), the 2 under-seat subwoofers and the factory amplifier.

The STEG speakers and subwoofers are made by the Italian GT Trading. The built-in quality and the sound difference between the original drivers and STEG is massive. The speakers have a softer, warmer tone with a lot of detail in the music which isn’t really audible in the stock stereo speakers. (For the sharper sound enthusiast we recommend our package with MUSWAY speakers).

The MATCH UP 7DSP has an inbuilt 8-channel digital signal processor (DSP), which makes this upgrade stand out from a regular amplification by far. We will use a dedicated software developed along with this device to sound tune it to your liking. This way we can maximize the speaker’s capabilities, make sure there are no distortions across the whole volume range, the speakers aren’t overdriven and everything is well-balanced. Furthermore, we will adjust the system as per your own taste as we’ll listen to your music with you.

The entire installation can be easily achieved within 1 day.


Soundtech will provide professional consulting on your new audio upgrade, help you to select the best option and install the whole sound system. Then we will tune it specifically for your vehicle. The final part of the sound tuning process is to adjust the system to your own taste as we listen to your music in the vehicle.


The package will be installed as a Plug&Play system with a specific matching harness for your car. This harness is made in such a way that it is simply plugged into your current car radio connectors and can be unplugged at any time again. There will be no permanent impact left on your vehicle.


This setup is suitable for all BMW models from 2020 up with both the basic and the S676 HiFi systems. Please contact us to check the compatibility with your vehicle.

If you are not sure, please contact us to check the compatibility with your vehicle.



You are welcome to visit our Soundtech studio in Sydney, where you can listen to our demo car fitted with the upgraded sound system. Moreover, we have a soundbar set-up where you can listen to the other options of speakers to choose the ones that you like the most. Come experience the amazing results!