High-end Underseat Subwoofer with Internal Mono Amplifier
from German manufacturer AudioSystem

This subwoofer is extremely rigid and it’s made of high-quality materials.

The best results are achieved when it’s fully fixed to the car’s frame
(under a seat or behind a rear seat in UTEs)

There are many similar products available on the market, but usually, they produce very little to no extra bass when installed.

The Active US 08 from AudioSystem has been developed from scratch by German Engineers with the only purpose – to make the bass really stand out.

Book a free demo and listen to the Soundtech car’s sound system to experience the difference on your own!




– Power 200/250 Watt (RMS/Peak)
– Extreme heavy aluminium-diecast housing with 6,5 kg
– 2x passive-cone on both sides,
– Phase shift: 0-180°
– Special clipping electronic,
– Bass boost: 0-18 dB at 50 Hz
– RCA input or external High-Level input with automatically “Turn On”,
including original AUDIO SYSTEM
– RTC, including original AUDIO SYSTEM cable set from H-340.1 D
– Impedance: 4 Ohm, 250/200 Watt
– Dimensions: l = 345 mm, h = 70 mm, t = 250 mm