AUDIO SYSTEM Flat Active Woofer UTE package



If you feel like your UTE does not have strong bass and would like to add more punch to it, this is a package for you.

The flat active subwoofer can be installed under a front seat or behind a rear seat in pretty much any UTE.

The package includes:
– High-end German Flat Active Subwoofer 08 US from AudioSystem
– All cables and harnesses
– Complete installation
– Sound tuning

The package can be installed as a plug and play system thanks to a special harness. This harness is made in such a way that it is simply plugged into your current car radio connectors and can be unplugged at any time again. There will be no permanent impact left on your vehicle and you can reuse it again in a new car.

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Flat Woofer US 08 ACTIVE

High-end Underseat Subwoofer with Internal Mono Amplifier
from German manufacturer AudioSystem

– Power 200/250 Watt (RMS/Peak)
– Extreme heavy aluminium-diecast housing with 6,5 kg
– 2x passive-cone on both sides,
– Phase shift: 0-180°
– Special clipping electronic,
– Bass boost: 0-18 dB at 50 Hz
– RCA input or external High-Level input with automatically “Turn On”,
including original AUDIO SYSTEM
– RTC, including original AUDIO SYSTEM cable set from H-340.1 D
– Impedance: 4 Ohm, 250/200 Watt
– Dimensions: l = 345 mm, h = 70 mm, t = 250 mm

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