MATCH + AUDIO SYSTEM DSP + Flat Active Woofer UTE package




If you want to enhance the sound system of your UTE, the combination of a DSP processor with an active subwoofer provides a perfect solution.

Having a DSP processor will allow you to have the whole audio stage tuned up specifically for your vehicle. It brings the sound image to the centre of your dashboard, improves sound clarity and the whole acoustic experience is on another level. It no longer feels like listening to a car factory’s audio anymore. To add more punch to the sound, we will fit your UTE with a flat yet powerful subwoofer.

Both the DSP and the Subwoofer are high-end components developed by German Engineers.

The package can be installed as a plug and play system thanks to a special harness. This harness is made in such a way that it is simply plugged into your current car radio connectors and can be unplugged at any time again. There will be no permanent impact left on your vehicle and you can reuse it again in a new car.

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Flat Active Woofer

High-end Underseat Subwoofer with Internal Mono Amplifier
from German manufacturer AudioSystem

– Power 200/250 Watt (RMS/Peak)
– Extreme heavy aluminium-diecast housing with 6,5 kg
– 2x passive-cone on both sides,
– Phase shift: 0-180°
– Special clipping electronic,
– Bass boost: 0-18 dB at 50 Hz
– RCA input or external High-Level input with automatically “Turn On”,
including original AUDIO SYSTEM
– RTC, including original AUDIO SYSTEM cable set from H-340.1 D
– Impedance: 4 Ohm, 250/200 Watt
– Dimensions: l = 345 mm, h = 70 mm, t = 250 mm

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DSP Processor

5/6 channel plug & play amplifier with integrated 8-channel DSP
5/6 channel plug & play amplifier with integrated 8-channel DSP More information abut the product here

  • 4 x 35/50 Watts at 4/2 Ohms+ 1 x 160 (4 x 40) Watts for PP Subwoofers
  • Simple Plug & Play connection to original sound systems using vehicle-specific adapter cables
  • MATCH Extension Card slot for additional input modules like Bluetooth® Audio Streaming
  • Extremely powerful 56 Bit DSP
  • Extensive database of car-specific setups online available
  • Optionally configurable as 6-channel amplifier with a total of 8 DSP channels
  • Freely configurable 2-channel PreOut for the connection of additional amplifiers
  • Start/stop capable down to 6 Volts supply voltage

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