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A cost-effective set up with a quick installation that does not interfere with the stock system, improves sound clarity, sound quality, adds deep bass and depth to the music. This upgrade will bring your music to life.

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Package price $1,490



800W 5/6ch amplifier MATCH with a DSP
200W RMS Compact Vented Subwoofer
Adapter matching your factory head unit
– All parts supplied and installed
– Custom sound tuning to your preferences
– 7 Day money-back guarantee


This system has been developed and produced in Germany by Audiotec Fischer, the world’s leading car-audio manufacturer.

The combination of a DSP processor, amplifier and a subwoofer provides a perfect solution for quick but significant sound enhancement. To top it off, you can keep your original radio and speakers in place. This is a revolutionary technology which has been developed specifically to be used in new cars, using a car-specific adapter to keep it Plug & Play. All components are of very high quality and made in compact sizes to be easily hidden in any vehicle.

Our amplifiers come with integrated DSP processors. Having a DSP processor will allow you to have the whole audio stage tuned up specifically for your vehicle and your musical preferences. It brings the sound image to the centre of your dashboard, improves sound clarity and takes the whole acoustic experience to the next level. To achieve more bass response in the sound, we will place a compact yet powerful subwoofer in the boot.

You can choose between 3 subwoofer options:


Soundtech will provide professional consulting on your new audio upgrade, help you to select the best option and install the whole sound system. Then we will tune it specifically for your vehicle. The final part of the sound tuning process is to adjust the system to your own taste as we listen to your music in the vehicle. Total installation time including the tuning is 4 to 5 hours.


The package will be installed as a Plug&Play system with a specific car-matching harness for your car. This harness is made in such a way that it is simply plugged into your current car radio connectors and can be unplugged at any time again. There will be no permanent impacts left on your vehicle and you can use the system in a new car again.

The subwoofer does not need to be powered from the battery, there is no need for accessing the engine room.


This package is suitable for most cars with basic 4-channel sound systems. Please contact us to check the compatibility with your vehicle.


If you aren’t a Sydney local and can’t physically make it to our workshop, that’s not a problem at all! We can deliver this package directly to you with all the parts required for installation. You can either install it yourself or get it installed by your local car electrician. We provide all the instructions you need.

To top it off, we can help you with the sound-tuning remotely or we can pre-program the DSP device for your vehicle at our shop so you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Simply plug n’ play! We also include complimentary post-installation support (RRP$150) as part of our delivery service. So you get end-to-end support if needed once you’ve set it all up.


You are welcome to visit our Soundtech studio, where you can listen to our demo car fitted with the MATCH sound system. Come experience the amazing result our system upgrade has to offer!


MATCH from Audiotec Fischer

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