Audi A5 - Upgraded Sound System

This is our second DEMO car to have a plug and play system from the German Audiotec-Fischer installed. The brand is called intuitively MATCH as it uses a radio car-specific harness so there is no impact to the original wiring. We could also keep the factory head unit in place.

The sound has improved 100% from the original setup.
A compact amplifier has been installed in the hidden space in the boot that takes control over the whole sound system. It is an 8-channel unit with an inbuilt 9ch DSP – Digital Signal Processor. It powers all 4 channels in the car, the center speaker and a 300W RSM subwoofer in the boot. The front speakers have been replaced with high-precision plug&play speakers STEG.

The whole sound stage has been then tuned up specifically for this vehicle.