Nissan Patrol 2018

Basic 4 channel sound system upgrade

Original Setup:

The basic 8 speaker sound system with the front and rear 2-way components with passive crossovers, powered directly from the head unit.
No amplifier, no subwoofer

New Setup:

DSP Amplifier – MATCH PP-62DSP
Subwoofer – MATCH PP 7E-D
Car-Specific Adapter

Here’s a quick overview of another successful sound enhancement.
The V8 5L is not the only superpower this 3-ton Nissan Patrol is equipped with anymore.

Thanks to using a plug and play sound system we were able to upgrade the acoustics to the next level, on the same day.

The new amplifier has been securely placed under the middle console with no visuals of any cables. We swapped the 2.6m long harness that comes with the DSP Amp for the shorter 1.6m version. All its wires are protected in a nicely knitted sleeve, giving it a factory-like look. The connection to the car stereo is done from behind the radio unit directly. The impact on the car is absolutely non-existent, a perfect solution for any new vehicle.

After the installation process, we custom-tuned the sound which instantly made it much more alive and natural. The difference was really remarkable, especially given the fact that the speakers were not upgraded.

Note: Tuning up a vehicle is a complex process which requires special tools and skills which can take up to several hours. For this very purpose, our team has undertaken special training in tuning car sound systems at the Audiotec-Fischer in Germany


– Better sound clarity
– Deep bass
– Stealth installation
– No warranty voided
– Quickly removable subwoofer if needed

Read more about this upgrade here: Custom Tuned Audio Basic Package

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