Mercedes GLC 200, 2019

Basic 4channel 7speaker sound system upgrade

Original Setup:

The basic 7 speaker sound system with the front 2-way components on passive crossovers, 2x rear coaxial speaker and 1x 8″ flat subwoofer located in the floor under passenger’s feet. Everything being powered directly from the head unit only.
No amplifier, no fun.

New Setup:

DSP Amplifier – MATCH M 5DSP MK2
Speakers Front – MATCH UP C42MB-FRT
Speakers Rear – MATCH UP X4MB-FRT
Harness-Adapter – MATCH PP-MQS 1.4

Optional Centre speaker with MATCH UP 7DSP amplifier:
Centre Speaker – MATCH UP S4MB-CTR

Vincent had a wish to up his sound system for lack of sound quality and missing details in the sound. He wasn’t particularly interested in a better bass response so we came up with the following package. We replaced all speakers for an aftermarket solution MATCH for Mercedes and added a mini amplifier in the centre console. This device takes control over the whole sound system, meaning it powers the already existing subwoofer with way more power than the head unit could do. Then it delivers a clean and tuned signal to new speakers making all the difference.

The new sound system was a pleasure to listen to as he said himself whilst having a big smile on his face.

Note: Tuning up a vehicle is a complex process which requires special tools and skills which can take up to several hours. For this very purpose, our team has undertaken special training in tuning car sound systems at the Audiotec-Fischer in Germany


– Great sound clarity
– More bass
– Stealth installation
– No warranty voided
– Installed in 1 day

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