McLaren GT 2020

High-end custom-tuned sound system

Original Setup:

Flat sounding speaker system with little to no bass, poor sound quality and no centre stage

New Setup:

– Front speakers AUDIO SYSTEM HX 165 PHASE EVO 2
– Rear speakers STEG BZ 40D
– Amplifier HELIX P SIX DSP MK2

– Soundproofing STP Gold/Diamond line

Replacing the speakers for high-end ones was the first step we took. To maximize the output, we soundproofed the doors using premium material STP with layers of Aero, BiPlast and Accent.

For the new heart of the entire sound system we used the legendary HELIX P SIX DSP MK2 that we implemented onto the car’s factory amplifier and rewired it as necessary. The new setup with a fully active 6ch sound system was then tuned for a proper sound stage and finally adjusted to the car owner’s preferences.

It was a great job with one of the best reviews we have received.


– Well balanced sound spectrum
– Hidden high-power amplifier
– No visual changes on the outside
– Great loudness without distortion

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