Honda CRV 2020

Basic 4-channel 6speaker sound system upgrade

Original Setup:

Factory speakers – the component in the front, coaxials in the back
no amplifier, low volume, poor quality, minimal bass

New Setup:

  • front speakers replacements
  • 5 channel DSP amplifier
  • hidden spare wheel subwoofer
  • all installed as a plug and play solution


This vehicle was upgraded as our custom-tuned package with new speakers as well and a hidden boot subwoofer. One amp powers it all solution turned out to be a great way of upgrading cars sound systems for many reasons such as everything can stay hidden, no need for excessive power leads, no need for any drilling or other modification to the car. And it also saves time so the entire upgrade can be done within one day.


– Good sound clarity
– Deep bass
– Hidden amp
– Great loudness of the system

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