BMW X3 2019

BMW X3 2019 basic sound system upgrade

Original setup:

– Factory head unit with embedded filters
– No Amplifier
– No Boot subwoofer
– 2x under-seat woofers with minimal power input
– No Tweeters

A vehicle original sound system is for many less than unsatisfactory and in this BMW X3 2019 it wasn’t any different. The sound image was virtually melted somewhere around the door area, there was no dynamic in the music, very poor bass response and everything kind of sounded the same. The new solution described below, however, fixed everything up!

New Setup:

Factory head unit untouched with the filters compensated for in the added DSP
MATCH UP7 DSP – 7/8ch Amp with a DSP
JL AUDIO – 250W RMS Vented subwoofer
MATCH 8BMW-D – 200W underseat subs
STEG BMW45 C – 4″ HQ component speakers
Car-Specific Radio PnP AdapterΒ 
OEM BMW Tweeter Guards

Using the plug and play solution from Audiotec Fischer allowed us to keep the factory head unit in place and still have the option to add a whole new system in this BMW without interfering with the original wiring, keeping everything reversible to the factory setup.

For better acoustics, we soundproofed the doors with premium material AERO from STP and replaced the speakers for STEGS, high precision direct-fit 2-way component system. Since the BMW had no tweeters to begin with, through our established connection with a BMW dealer, we supplied matching A-pillar tweeter covers from the higher BMW sound system version.

For the undeseat subwoofers, we chose the same brand as the main DSP unit – MATCH. These were also direct drop-in drivers, providing much stronger bass response than the originals.

The basic BMW sound system does not come with any factory amplifier either so there was no pre-made connection we could use. Luckily, Audiotec Ficher developed a car-specific adapter with a harness exactly matching this BMW head unit which we just plugged onto. This way we could add a PnP aftermarket amplifier to power each speaker in the car. The undeseat subwoofers have been connected to the amplifier directly. No single cable had to be cut, the car’s warranty wasn’t voided.

To cover the whole frequency range, we found a great solution and used the active subwoofer from JL AUDIO. Not only this is a powerful device with precise and deep bass, but it also fits like a charm into this X3’s boot. A very nice and neat installation.

The entire sound stage was tuned using a dedicated software developed along with this German high-end DSP amplifier. Sound tuning itself is a complex process that can take up to several hours but we always take our time to tune every car individually to the best results. The final step is to customize the system to the client’s preferences whilst listening to their own music and making last adjustments.

The Results:

Great sound with a perfect sound image sitting right in front of you on top of the dashboard. The new speakers have a very good dynamic range providing a nice and natural feel to the music. Powerful bass is now really present in the music too.

Installation time: 1 day
Total cost incl. BMW parts: $4340

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