BMW M340i 2020 Harman Kardon

Plug & Play sound system upgrade

We used a solution that has been developed and produced in Germany by Audiotec Fischer, the world’s leading car-audio manufacturer. For the speaker upgrade we chose the brand called MUSWAY which is also made in Germany.

Original Setup:

– BMW 2020 Harman Kardon 10ch sound system

New Setup:

MATCH UP 7DSP – PnP DSP amplifier
– BMW 2020 RAM harness
– MUSWAY CSB4.2C BMW – Direct fit speakers – front
– MUSWAY CSB42X BMW – Direct fit speakers – rear
– MUSWAY CSB8W BMW – Direct fit subwoofers
– MUSWAY – centre speaker

A new BMW sound system in all models from 2020 up, whether it is the basic version, S676 Hifi or the Harman Kardon, is no longer upgradeable with the conventional Plug ‘n Play solution MATCH UP 7BMW.  That is because the new models are made the way which is commonly called as the RAM setup, (Radio-Amplifier Module). It means the OEM Amplifier is no longer removable as the head unit will not function without it.

Fortunately, we have a great solution available for these sound systems and the best part is, it still all remains Plug and Play! We will keep the OEM amplifier in place and add a 7 channel MATCH amplifier to the system and connect it all with a special harness. This way we will be able to amplify and tune-up the 7 channels in your BMW vehicle. That is both the front and rear channels, the 2 underseat subwoofers and the centre channel. The last 2 remaining speaker channels in the rear parcel shelf can be either left playing on the original amplifier, disconnected or powered by an additional micro 2channel amplifier.

We installed the new amp on prefab brackets mounted to the chassis behind the trims in the boot. This way the entire upgrade is done behind the scene and no change is actually visible. The head unit will function exactly as before and you won’t even lose saved radio stations. This amplifier delivers much more juice to the new speakers and subwoofers with a clean and tuned signal.


This setup is suitable for all BMW models from 2020 up with the Harman Kardon sound systems. Please contact us to check the compatibility with your vehicle.


Dynamic and clear sound, great bass frequency response and lots of details in the music.

The stage has been precisely tuned up with the sound image oriented to the driver’s seat and adjusted as per the customers needs to compensate for his partial hearing loss. That way it’s a much more enjoyable experience to drive the car around.

Installation time: 1 day

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