Audi Q7 2016 S-Line

Audi sound system Plug&Play upgrade

Original Setup:

Audi 10-speaker sound system with a centre speaker and factory subwoofer. Unsatisfying mudded sound lacking bass, clarity and dynamic range in the music.

New Setup:

MATCH PP 86DSP – 8ch PnP amplifier
STEG MA8 – Direct replacement speakers
MATCH PP 10E-Q – 300W RMS Subwoofer
HELIX URC.3 – DSP remote control
MATCH Adapter – Audi PnP connector
MATCH Harness – Match harness for Audi
STP AERO – Premium sound deadener

The Q7 is a perfect car in many ways. Its sound system, however, is not one of them. Mike came to us with a wish to do something about the bass totally missing in his music.

After a quick look, it was clear why that was the case – the OEM subwoofer was probably supplied by a toy store.

Mike decided to upgrade the whole stage so we replaced the front speakers for high-end PnP speakers developed specifically for Audi – STEG 8″ component system. We also sound-deadened the doors with premium material from SandartPlast (STP).

Under the passenger seat, we installed a high-end 8/9 channel DSP amplifier from Audiotec Fischer that we connected to the main head unit with a specific adapter made for Audi. That way we did not have to make any modification to the car’s current wiring system.

In the boot’s hidden compartment under the floor, we placed a low-height but very powerful 300W RMS subwoofer also of the same brand MATCH.
All cables and harnesses were perfectly hidden. It was a clean and nice installation.

The last step was to set up the sound in the DSP. This is a complex process which requires special tools and skill and takes up to several hours on each vehicle. For this very purpose, our team has undertaken special training in tuning car systems at the Audiotec Fischer factory in Germany.


The new sound was just unbelievable. Due to the combination of soundproofing, using great speakers and sound tuning we achieved a well-balanced stage with a perfect image in the middle of the dashboard. The powerful subwoofer can be adjusted with the remote control for every song as desired. The high detail is very noticeable in the music now.

Installation time required: 2 days
Total cost: $3920

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