Audi A4 2018

Basic Audi sound system upgrade

Original Setup:

Factory speakers – the component in the front and the back
no amplifier, low volume, poor quality, weak yet rattling parcel shelf subwoofer,

New Setup:

  • no speaker replacement
  • hidden amplifier to power the entire Audi system
  • disconnectable boot subwoofer
  • precise speaker and subwoofer sound tuning using PC software.

Peter’s Audi was a classic example of a good looking car with a hidden trap – a mediocre sound system. As he described: it’s flat, boring, unengaging and the worst part is even then I turned the factory sub up, the entire parcel shelf starts to rattle.  Can you guys fix that? But I do not want any drilling or wiring cuts as this is a brand new vehicle.

Challenge excepted.

We added a multichannel amplifier with a DSP to the system using an aftermarket Audi harness, nice and neat without any drilling or cutting. Added was a compact vented subwoofer in the boot and the parcel shelf one has been digitally disconnected. Then we re-tuned the entire sound stage to get out the missing tones and frequencies even on the original speaker. It’s a solution like no other.



– Deep and clear bass
– No rattling
– Hidden amp
– More loudness of the system
– No harsh high tones

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