Simple installation

MATCH will get simply plugged into the existing wiring of your car. It does not interfere with electrical installations in any way.

Quick assembly

Your car will be fortified with a brand new HQ audio system, all done in a few hours. The result will leave you astonished!

Tuned Up Sound

The whole acoustic setting was tuned up by German engineers. Improvements are guaranteed.

Simple Disassembly

What if you are buying a new car? We simply dismantle all the equipment from the old car and transfer it to the new one.

Our Count So Far

Cars Upgraded
Hour Average Install Time
Money Back Guarantees Claimed

Advantages of our Solution


No need to change the car radio unit or speakers


No impacts/changes in the vehicle electrics


No interference with existing CAN/MOST bus systems


All cables come pre-assembled for true “Plug & Play”


Average time for completion is 2-3 hours


No interference with the car’s daily use


Easy to return to the original configuration without leaving any traces (warranty not affected) 


You can move the system into another car (optimization required)

Are you still hesitating? Read frequently asked questions:

Are you still hesitating? Read frequently asked questions:

1. Does a MATCH sound system have to be installed by SOUNDTECH exclusively?

We always recommend having it installed in our workshop. However, with the Plug & Play products, everything is designed for a simple installation that does not require very special tools.

2. Will the original speakers in my vehicle be overloaded and possibly damaged by the more powerful amplifier of a MATCH Plug & Play sound system?

In general, the load on the original speakers after installation of a MATCH sound system is even lower because, despite the higher maximum power of the amplifier, they no longer have to reproduce the low frequencies. This task is instead handed over to the subwoofer, which should not be missed out in any high-end audio system.

3. Can I easily remove a MATCH Plug & Play sound system when selling a vehicle or returning a leased vehicle?

In either of these two situations – it’s not only fast but also done without leaving any trace. All electrical connections are made using the standard connections of the vehicle wiring harness and thus, it does not require any wire to be cut or irreversibly changed. Just a simple unplugging of the connectors is required and the job is done.

4. Can I take a MATCH Plug & Play sound system to my next vehicle?

That’s not a problem – you only need a vehicle-matching cable adapter for the new vehicle. Then the DSP amplifier setting has to be updated for your new car and everything is done. Alternatively, there are presets available to download specifically for your car which would leave you without the necessity to come to our workshop for adjustments.

5. Do I have to connect a subwoofer to the MATCH Plug & Play amplifier?

No, not at all, it can work without a subwoofer just as well. The system can be optimized to a configuration either with or without a subwoofer. Even in a standard configuration with subwoofer, there is an option to remove the subwoofer anytime you need to use the full capacity of your boot. You just simply unplug the connector from the subwoofer and leave the lead unattached. The connector has no exposed wires, everything is protected.

6. How do I set the sound controls of my car radio after installing a MATCH Plug & Play sound system?

We generally tune the system in such a way that the optimum sound is achieved when all sound controls on the car radio are in the neutral positions (“linear”). Of course, you can still use the tone controls to adapt to your own listening taste but in most cases, the best possible sound output has been already achieved by our optimization thus no equalizing is needed.

7. What if I replace the original radio of my vehicle with an aftermarket one later on?

This will probably not work well in most of the cases without changing the sound setup in the Plug & Play amplifier. Car radios that are factory-installed usually include pre-programmed sound correction filters for the original speakers. An aftermarket radio on the other hand, generally has a linear frequency response making the previous sound tuning not suitable for the newly replaced radio unit. In such a case, you can just simply contact us for the system re-optimization. And we are here to help.

8. Will be my sound setup still working perfectly if I decide to replace the original speakers with others?

Similar to the radio unit replacement (FAQ 7.), replacing speakers with new ones will have a significant impact on the sound system overall. It is, of course, possible to have the car fitted with a better set of speakers, however, the DSP amplifier optimization is highly recommended to maintain the best possible sound quality solution.

9. Which MATCH subwoofer is the right one for my vehicle?

The rule of thumb applies here – It all depends on your own needs and preferences. When choosing the appropriate MATCH subwoofer, it is best to be aware of how much “bass pressure” you desire and how much space can be sacrificed in the boot. Otherwise, there are no limits to which of the options you’ll go for.

10. Are there any problems with the diagnostic function of my original car radio when a MATCH amplifier is installed between radio and loudspeaker?

In recent years, the MATCH system has been optimized that the input circuit of the DSP amplifiers prevents this from happening. The loudspeaker diagnostics in almost all factory radio units are now very complex. They require to have some resistance in the amplifier to avoid entries in the vehicles fault logs. The MATCH system’s proprietary “ADEP” and “ADEP-SB” circuits are unique in this regards and go a long way to help to mitigate such problems.

It All Makes For A Mindblowing Musical Experience

Each trip in your car will be like a private concert of your favourite band or DJ.
Thanks to optimized crossover frequencies, time corrections and other tweaks you’ll feel like being right on stage!

Watch the video

Watch the video

Here at Soundtech, we want you to enjoy your daily drive. With your stereo sounding like a live concert, you spend more time having positive energy and less time thinking about the traffic 🙂